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Giuseppe Santarpino was born and studied in Naples, at the Second University of Studies, now the Vanvitelli University, where he began attending the Cardiosurgery department directed by prof. M. Cotrufo in the year 2000.

He graduated with honors with a thesis on the use of the heart-lung machine in cardiac surgery and specialized with honors in five years at the same university department of the Monaldi hospital in Naples. In those same years, he was sent for a year to the UMG cardiosurgery directed by Prof. Attilio Renzulli, an experience that has increased his passion for scientific research applied to clinical practice for the improvement of patient care.

First Experiences

As a specialist he begins to gather foreign experiences to increase his professional baggage moving from England to Holland, but the most significant experience, which began at the end of 2008, is carried out at the Nuremberg hospital cardiac surgery , the public hospital with number of beds and larger surgical interventions of the entire German nation.In that center, under the guidance of prof. T. Fischlein, the dott. Santarpino has the opportunity to grow on the surgical level, specializing in minimally invasive cardiac surgery techniques and learn the use of new technologies for the treatment of the aortic valve .

These technologies were at the time (2009-2010) present only in Germany and the center of Nuremberg in particular was among the pioneers in the use of these new therapies.

Giuseppe Santarpino will work full time as an operative surgeon at this center until September 2017.


The growth of dr. Santarpino at the Nuremberg Hospital will also be academic: it will have the opportunity to carry out a doctorate in Cardiac Surgery at the University of Erlangen , one of the oldest medical faculties in Germany, a Masters in Teaching for the Faculty of Medicine, qualifying for university teaching at the faculty of medicine at the University of Salzburg in Austria, to be proclaimed associate professor of cardiac surgery at the University of Nuremberg in February 2017.

The same work of the prof. Santarpino, with the scientific publications , the international clinical studies that he conducted at the Nuremberg Hospital, and with the creation of a cellular research laboratory, has encouraged the creation of a cooperation between the public hospital in Nuremberg and the Paracelsus Medical University .

The growth in those years of dr. Santarpino is also human and managerial: it is in one of the pioneering centers in the use of the so-called ” heart team ” or ” team approach ” or shared decisions for the good of the patient, concludes a master’s degree on management-leadership and economic management in health systems , and for almost 10 years he is solely responsible for the center of Nuremberg for academic affairs , including the teaching staff, for research, minimally invasive surgery, international cooperation and the development of new technologies.

Personal Information

Married and father of 3 children decides, while maintaining a close relationship with the German university, as well as many other universities and research centers in Europe and beyond, to return to Italy within the group of healthcare excellence GVM Care & Research , in particular at the accredited clinic of the SSN City of Lecce Hospital .

Decision developed in light of the quality standards of the clinic, with results and competitive equipment at national and international level and on the basis of a choice of life linked to wanting to grow the family in the “native” homeland.

He currently works, researches and works in Lecce and, at the same time, collaborates on research and development with the other centers of the GVM group, with Italian universities and carries out teaching activities at the Nuremberg Faculty of Medicine and Nursing.

Diplomas and Certificates

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