Good news for patients wearing mechanical implants!

The mechanical prostheses are today less and less used because of the need to use “for life” of anticoagulant therapy that patients, more and more often, want to avoid.

While awaiting the entry into the market of a new anticoagulant drug that does not need “repeated sampling” for its control and is also effective in the case of cardiac mechanical prosthesis, good news has come for some of the patients already operated and for those who will come:

a new mechanical aortic valve model can now be controlled with a reduced anticoagulant dosage without loss of safety and efficacy.

Obviously this does not apply to all patients and all prostheses, but for many patients, reducing the risk of patient bleeding.

The advice for patients is to consult your cardiologist or cardiac surgeon to find out if in your specific case it is possible to reduce the dosage with a sure improvement of the quality of life!